Who are we

What is "I 6 Vächötta-Schlätta Regiment"

I6 Vächötta-Schlätta Regiment is a airsoft association active in and around Skaraborg, in the middle of Västra Götaland. We are politically and religiously independantm, and have no connection to the Swedish Armed Forces. The name simply started as a joke and then stuck around.

We first and foremost aim to have fun when we play, and as such we have no requirements in regards to uniform or gear for our members*. We use a patch with out logo instead as a means to identify one another. We welcome everyone to join us, no matter if you are totaly new to the hobby, or a veteran. However the law requires you to be above the age of 18.

* Please observe that we do not tolerate any forms of discrimination, harassment or hatred, as such we will not tolerate members of I6 Vächötta-Schlätta Regiment play dressed in uniforms, gear or kit with strong associations to entities who's values goes against out own

What is airsoft

Airsoft is a sport and hobby that can take many forms. But for most, it means that you "play"; simply playing war and "tag" or "hit" the opponent. Based on this foundation, there are different types of games, and different levels of empathy. Does it sound interesting or do you have questions and concerns? Do not hesitate to contact us, or join us directly via the buttons below.